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Writing A Comparative Essay On High School Vs College: Things To Remember

A comparative essay is on that entails the construction of a paper detailing the similarities and differences between two or more items of study. The student must gather objective information on each topic, present their findings and proceed to outline the main aspects of each topic finding ways or relating them to each other or exposing the distinct differences between them. There are many styles and approaches to this but most essays have commonalities that must be present or the paper could prove ineffective at achieving its purpose. Here are things to remember when writing a comparative essay on high school vs college:

  1. The differences that arise because of the age differences between students of each level of education
  2. As we age our bodies and minds change significantly as we pass through the difference stages from embryo to adult. The development of our secondary sexual characteristic bring changes in our behavior and attitudes towards social interaction. While in high school our mental approach to relationships are quite different from that of older college students and these differences are sure to influence the educational experience of each individual.

  3. The level of specialization in field of study
  4. While in high school most people won’t have a clear idea of what their preferred area of study will be, in college, most would have already decided on their career path and would have chosen course to suit that goal.

  5. The different approaches to teaching employed by educators
  6. At the high school level, teachers basically dictate to the student the materials, concepts and books that they should study, in college students have more freedom of choice when it comes to the syllabus and many create some really outlandish combination of studies simply because they wish to.

  7. The demands of society on the different age groups
  8. As a teenager, you aren’t likely to have that many responsibilities and indeed, most adults won;t expect you to be of any significance in everyday life. However at the college level, you may already be employed, have a family or making actual contributions to science and research so you may tend to view the world differently.

  9. The ratio of the sexes to one another
  10. Statistic often show that more women make it through higher level education than men do and this ratio can greatly influence the different activities that both levels of education engage in.