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How To Compose A Good Descriptive Essay On My Best Friend

Descriptive essays use descriptive words or phrases to describe a thing, a person or a situation so as to enable the reader to understand and visualize what the writer wants them to understand and visualize. This form of an essay is somewhat like stories and is more pleasant to read. It has depth, emotions and also it is much easier to connect to as well.

The aim of a descriptive writing is to connect to the reader and allow them to build their own imagination in line with your own imagination or descriptions. These types of writings can be found in newspapers, magazines and other forms of writing where the writer is trying to make the readers picture a certain situation, an incident a person or a thing. Writings of this type evoke a feeling of being present at the spot or witness what is being described through writing.

How to compose a good descriptive essay on my best friend

Best friend is though a common topic for a descriptive essay, but it would still be something everyone would be able to relate to, even those who do not have a best friend. The expectations that people have from their closes pal to the chemistry that they share, everything connects to the heart directly and would surely enable the readers to connect to the article directly. In order to write a good essay on the topic ‘my best friend’ the following suggestions could be of help.