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The Purpose Of A Profile Essay: Basic Writing Tips For Students

A profile essay is a well-written article that describes a person in a matter of fact manner or explains an occurrence seeing it from the viewpoint of different observers or simply exploring a physical place using mere words. Writing a profile essay is probably the easiest of all because you do not have to be persuasive to convince anyone, or present your research findings in a coherent manner nor do you have to do a literature analysis of the past work done. Being exploratory in nature, it gives the writer maximum amount of freedom that appeals to any literary writer. It can either be comprehensive or deep and narrow in nature.

Knowing why you’re writing a profile essay and who your readers are crucial in producing a quality piece. Perhaps knowing it's functions may attempt to answer the above two questions. It would definitely give you a sense of what to include and what not to include and makes reading it enjoyable, pleasurable and interesting. So let's examine what purpose it serves.

  1. Information: People read your paper to get information about a certain topic. This also includes re-emphasizing the information that the reader already knows or finding out new information.
  2. Picture: Profiles written about an incident or event paint a vivid picture in the mind of readers and make them feel as if they were present at the venue where it was occurring.
  3. Biography: Biography of famous people gives an in-depth analysis of why those people behaved in a certain manner and made the audience more sympathetic to the subject.
  4. Destination: Travel destination marketers employ the services of profile writers to highlight the tourist spots of a holiday destination in order to entice people to choose that destination as their next vacation spot.
  5. Condition: Anonymous writers visit newly opened hospitality establishments and publish a profile about their experience in order to condition the minds of the public as what to and what not to expect.

As with any type of writing, profile essays should have a structure to include an introduction, the body and the conclusion that are said to be the essential and basic features. Never pass the opportunity to write a profile essay as it allows you have immense freedom to engage the sensory perceptions of the readers. So write away.