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The Impact Of The Disco Era

Since the emergence of the first disco in the seventies, music entertainment and dance has grown in a tremendous way. Currently, it is rare for a dance movement to fit and continue to enjoy favor within a whole decade. Many dance styles continue to emerge and replace existing ones. There is a lot of growth in the music and entertainment industry. Today, because of disco, there is a lot of pluralism that gives the opportunity variety of interests and tastes. Individuals with different taste and varieties can now walk into the disco club and have fun to their fill. The disco lifestyle has a great impact on the music industry and the way in which music is enjoyed and especially in social joints.

Impact on Appreciation of Music

In the sixties, most of the music played in the clubs and social halls was mainly particular genres that were favored by the elderly or a chosen sector of the population. There was no pluralism. Therefore, a majority of the population mostly went to the club but did not enjoy music. The music played was one sided. This left most of the population as bystanders only watching and following events from the sidelines. With the introduction of disco, there was some shared activity. The variety that came with the disco era in the seventies saw the introduction of shared fun in events and performances in different events. There was a taste of freedom that allowed all population to enjoy and appreciate music and entertainment. The different hippies encouraged some core element in discos that meant and brought classy and upscale in music and fun. Different populations were exposed to more music creating a good platform for appreciation. All classes of the society started flocking to music halls and clubs. This was opposite of what was common in the sixties where only a certain population frequented certain clubs. The first subcultures featured in discos were gay, Latinos and the African American music. After the seventies and when the ball was rolling, discos became attractive to other many American populations.

Beyond Modern

Within no time, most of the subcultures and populations in the American setup were attracted to discos. There was a need to take the entertainment to a higher level. This encouraged innovation and inventions. Disco fashions that emphasized sexuality, love, kind of music and age started appearing towards the late seventies. The first invention to synthesize dance and music was first established in the late seventies.