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5 Basic Things To Know About The Format Of A Long Essay

Essay writing may be a mundane and average business for most students; but the awakened ones understand the value and importance of a well-carved essay. Now, while general pieces attune to a certain size; some pieces are long enough.

A developmental format

Essays, which cover 4 pages or more, are considered long ones. Now, ideally, it should abide by a systematic and developmental format. There are certain factors you should stick to while writing a long written piece. The factors follow –

  1. Generation of interest – Now, your piece is long and therefore should create enough interest and curiosity to keep the readers intrigued. The flow should be seamless and curved well handled. It should not have too many rills; it should rather shape like floating plankton.
  2. The streamlining – The set structure of a well-shaped essay offers 25% to introduction, 60% to the Body and 15% to the Conclusion. The introduction needs to be adorned with a thesis statement and writing prompt. You should also pick out probing facts about the topics to usher a scintillating piece.
  3. Structuring the body – Divide the length of the Body into 5 paragraphs of almost equal length. Anything more than 5 paragraphs make it stretched. You should remember to sequentially progress with the paragraphs so that readers keep gathering pearls as they ride with the wind.
  4. Utilize junctures – It is your responsibility to carry the main theme of the essay unilaterally. The standing motif should be strengthened by logic and proper perspectives. You should allot each perspective a personal space so that they can loom over the readers. You may also use a brilliant idea of finishing each paragraph in the body with a pertinent question set to be answered in the ensuing paragraph.
  5. Shaping the conclusion – While the conclusion may mechanically taper, it should actually open up new avenues; startling revelations and a clear passage towards a permanent solution. It should be an additive to what you have written before; giving it a generous thrust and shape. An excellent, if long, piece has a dynamic conclusion.

A fresh check

It is actually preferable to write a long essay over two days so that you can take a fresh look at what you wrote earlier. You should thoroughly proofread with a fresher mind and with an objective outlook. Otherwise, you may be enticed to keep certain unnecessary portions unscathed simply because you liked the construction. Be impartial towards your work; almost judging it as a third person; and you will generally hit the right notes.