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How To Utilize Persuasive Essay Examples In Writing Your Own: Effective Tips

No matter how confident you are about your writing or how much experience you have composing different types of assignments, you’re bound to need to consult an example piece at some point when a new kind of assignment comes along. For many students, this happens early in their academic careers when they are first introduced to the persuasive essay. This kind of assignment requires students to present an argument on a debatable issue or subject in a way that convinces readers to agree with the author. The best way to approach this correctly is to find great examples to utilize when composing your own. Here are some effective tips to do just that:

Check out the samples’ argument structure

One of the first effective tips to know when you utilize a persuasive essay example to write your own is to check out your sample papers’ argument structure. Assignments will vary in size but generally each body paragraph will hold a single topic and discussion point, followed by great examples and an explanation pointing back to the thesis statement.

Take note of how thesis statements are written

A great thesis statement is one of the core elements of a well-written paper. If you have had trouble writing thesis statements before then it’s important you take a look at a few samples to learn a few things about their placement and parts. Identify the thesis statement in each of your samples and try to mimic the style in your own writing.

Look at the persuasive language that is being used

When composing this type of assignment your main goal is to convince your reader to agree with your position on a topic or issue. The most effective way of accomplishing this is to use highly persuasive language that steers the reader towards the conclusion you want him or her to see.

Analyze evidence used to prove thesis statements

Pay attention to how other papers use evidence to support and prove the claims that are made in thesis statements. When you research material for your topic you want to make sure that you select only credible and relevant evidence to support your argument. Use your evidence effectively and you’re sure to write a great persuasive essay.

Look for opening and closing paragraphs for techniques

Lastly, a really good technique for writing a great persuasive essay is having a good opening and closing paragraphs. First of all you want to hook your readers and compel them to continue reading. And last of all you want to leave a good impression on your readers by reminding them of how you have succeeded in making your argument. Utilize your examples to learn how to effectively write your own opening and ending.