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Religious Diversity

Religious diversity is an attitude relating to the difference in co-existence of religious belief systems in the society. Religious diversity enables a state that is made up of people of different religious background faith to exist without any warfare or oppression of religious minority. In ancient times, freedom of religion merely meant that all faiths to act under a prescribed law in a certain region. The Protestant sects always argue negatively against Roman Catholicism. Exclusivist teaches that salvation and religious truth have only one way, and it is possible for them to suppress what other false religions taught. Fundamentalist Christians shows that witchcraft and paganism are pernicious. This was the most common historical attitude before the religious enlightenment. Religious diversity can weaken when one form of the denomination is given exclusive rights at a cost of other religion. In the modern day era, some Islamic states have strict laws that criminalize someone leaving many religions to other minority religion; they also forbid any minority religions from constructing temples, church or synagogue in their countries.

Religious Diversity in Public Schools

Public education in different western cultures has always experienced challenges, but the increasing interconnections between the western and nonwestern religious beliefs and cultural values in education sectors are resulting public educators to grapple with the challenges that new diversity poses. The most common practical challenges like what the Muslim girls are supposed to wear, should all religious holy days be called school holidays. Public school educators have turned to increasing the awareness of religious diversity among the student to enable a positive social outcome. Teachers need to understand the students feeling about other religions and their adamant followers. Some believers know that having students learn and experience a religion can test the extent of separation of state and church. Also having the student attend a mosque or a talk with a Buddhist friend is not a way of promoting that religion but rather a form of exposure.

Possible Responses to Religious Diversity

Religious diversity can experience to two possible answers; one is that since no divine reality exists and that all the truth in religion relating to the divine is nonexistent then all such claims are false. Another likely response explained by religious relativists is that there exists no truth claims about reality when referring to mutually incompatible religions. However, most people in today discussions presuppose a theory of truth by the realist in claiming that there exists truth to the matter.