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Politics Of Right To Die

Death has always been taken as the natural thing that should disconnect people from the worldly things and troubles. Many people fear death. However, some people believe that you can choose if you want to die. There has been considerable hype in the courts in America when cases of the right to die are on. Some people argue that it is just for one to be allowed to die slowly rather than being let to suffer due to some illness. Some lower courts that have had such cases have seen and ruled it as illegal to give an individual a right to take their life willingly by being cut off medication. These cases have later on been reversed by the high court. The high court maintains that there is no aspect that is against the constitution if one wishes to die by avoiding medication to prevent them from a lot of pain when sick. Some people strongly believe that it is not fair to subject their loved ones to the pain of seeing them suffer from illness and later die in great pain.

The Constitution and Political stand

Different states around the world have taken the one and very controversial measure to allow critically ill patients to end their lives with the aid and care of a doctor. This has however not been an easy journey. Politicians across the board have been divided about the issue. They have not agreed in unison about whether the right to die bill should be passed. Many constitutions, however, do not state if it is wrong to take away one’s life with the help of a doctor. Many argue that this equivalent to prescribing the wrong medication to a patient. The public has also had a chance to give their view on the bill. The results have been the same as some give a node to the law while others say a big no. Response by people in different interviews has however differed depending on the wording used in the questioners.

Difference of the Right to Death Bill to Abortion

Many people have argued that allowing people to take their life is murder is a crime of equal magnitude to abortion. Different views, however, point to the right to die as a voluntary action with the aim of help whereas abortion is taking a life without the approval of the affected. Right to death has a goal of helping by putting to an end the suffering of a sick person.