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Persuasive Essay Topics: A List Of Original Writing Prompts

Persuasive essays - sometimes also known as argumentative papers - are some of the most fun and interesting academic papers to write. Ultimately, you will be trying to persuade the reader about a particular stance that you are taking relating to a certain issue.

Sometimes, it can be particularly interesting to write about a particular issue based on a point of view that you would not normally take. For example, if you were to talk about abortion, and normally you would agree with people’s choice to have an abortion, then it may be particularly interesting to argue about the opposite point of view.

Therefore, when it comes to thinking of writing prompts for your persuasive essay, you should be aware of the fact that there is more than one point of view, and you do not necessarily have to choose the one that you agree with. In fact, choosing the opposite point of view can be a real challenge to both your debating and writing skills, and is an excellent way of developing your talents as a writer. Ultimately, you will not always be able to write essays based on topics of your choosing and, therefore, by challenging yourself in this way, it can help you to think more about what you’re doing, and improve the way you construct your arguments, as well as how you approach future academic papers that you have to write.

The following list includes a range of different prompts that you may wish to use when writing your own persuasive essay. In fact, you may choose to use the prompts as they are, or adjust them, including so that you argue for the opposite point of view than one that is referred to below.