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Marketing And Consumer Behavior

Throughout a person’s life, there are many decisions regarding product choice one has to make. If you consider thinking about what decisions people or clients make on product use, you realize how some decisions are made even without thinking much about product selected. Often, you will hear friends asking questions including, what to wear, what to eat and even where to go lunch or for a drink. These questions at the end of the day get answers after individuals reach a decision. Such decisions and choice make the economy of countries and cities moving. The choices individual customers or clients make help in the shaping of life for him or her. Simple decisions are very crucial and vital in the economies. Many may stop and wonder why such decisions that seem so simple could mean so much to the economy. Companies and marketers can spend so much money just to uncover those reasons that cause an influence on the choices customers make.

What is Customer Behavior and How does it Influence Marketing?

Customer behavior simply explains the customers, the study of processes and procedure they use for product selection. Also, it entails how they dispose of the products or services later. All these affect or impact the economy in a way. Studies show that customer behavior is complex and includes several aspects including biology, chemistry, economics, and psychology. It is, therefore, broad. Every marketing decision reached is usually based on assumptions, information, and knowledge regarding customer behavior and choices. Though the process of research and understanding aspects of customer behavior are complex, marketers require having the understanding and knowledge as it is a critical part of their job.

Factors Influencing Customer Behavior

Cultural factors can cause influence in the choice of products the customer goes for. For example, one will get influence from friends, family, and cultural environments on which products are best. Religion is another cultural factor that will affect decision making. Social classes will also affect the type of services one purchases and product of choice. Cultural trends will have the same effects on choices and decision making for customers. Personal factors are a factor that will impact choices of individuals. People of different ages, personality and different ways or styles of life will go for products that are different in type and brand. Physiological factors include motivation and perception. They play a role in influencing the choice of services and products for customers.