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Luxuries Of The Prisons

When you think about the prisons, what comes to your mind? Not luxury and comfort for sure. The typical prison consists of gray cold buildings and not the most pleasant people that end up there, right? Don't be so sure.

If you'll have a closer look, you'll see that prisons can be different. Sometimes they are like in the popular TV series "Orange is the new black", and living there can be tough, but there are some luxury exceptions you couldn't even imagine. Here are some of the best prisons of the world, that look like hotels or resorts. But they are totally free, paid by the government, breakfast is included and you could stay there forever. Sounds weird, but it's totally true.

Halden Prison in Norway - the most luxury prison in the world

Norway has one of the lowest recorded crime rate, which is surprisingly with the most luxurious jails in the world. It seems that people who end up in Norway prisons couldn't regret less: they live in private cells with a mini-fridge, big flat-screen TV and their own bathroom. Moreover, prisoners can chill out in spacious living rooms, modern kitchens with comfortable sofas and coffee tables or participate in different sport activities, visit a fully-stocked library, a gym equipped with a climbing wall or a recording studio. It's pretty obvious, that criminals in Halden Prison live much better than many people around the world. Why?

And it's not only about this Prison, Norway is really famous for its comfortable jails. Bastoy Prison, for example, is the minimum security prison with small cottages and a small farm, where people work. As official prisons authorities claim, such an attractive and friendly environment reduce recidivism in prisoners. And not only Norwegians think this way - there are much more bright examples of luxury prisons, where you would love to stay if not forever, few years for sure. The only problem is that you need to commit a crime to get there.

5 of the World's best prisons:

Otago Corrections Facility in New Zealand has everything from underfloor heating to rugby and tennis courts+fresh towels.

Butner Federal Correctional Institution in North Carolina state, USA - a prison with a minimum security, quite corridors and a beautiful green garden.

Suomenlinna Prison in Finland is a unique "open" prison, one of a kind. This luxury jail exists without prison cells and locked doors: people there share small nice houses, have their own private rooms and work on the island together.

Orchards and ponds with goldfishes lay on the territory of the beautiful Qincheng Prison in China. Most prisoners here are important government officials, who eat fresh fruits, watch TV and enjoy the beautiful landscape outside.

San Pedro Prison in Bolivia is the most unique place you can find. It's not even a prison, but a whole community with their own leaders, rules and entire neighborhoods for families of the prisoners, local shops and cafes.

And here is not the whole list - there are more than 50 prisons around the world that you can call luxurious. It's still discussable if such prisons really work, but it's a fact that modern, luxuries prisons become more and more common.