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Where To Find A Good Three-Paragraph Essay Example

The three-paragraph essay is teaching aid used to help students when they are first learning how to structure their formal writing.

In essence, it has a similar structure to the five-paragraph essay format, with an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.

Structure of the three-paragraph essay

  1. Introduction. Ideally you might expect to write this section with about seven or eight quality sentences. You use this section to grab the interest of your reader, starting out first with more general statements and moving finally to the snappy thesis statement that tells your reader what your work is about.
  2. Main Body. In this section you should present only evidence that relates directly to your thesis statement. In this format of writing, offer your strongest piece of evidence here. The paragraph should start with a subject sentence which is also a transition from the first section. Present your evidence and write a short discussion about why it is related to the thesis statement. You should end with a transition to the final section.
  3. Conclusion. The first sentence for this section should be a restatement of the thesis statement as well as a transition from the evidence section. It must be reworded to place the idea beyond doubt of its validity. Then you should summarize the main point you made in the Main Body section. From there you would move back out to a general discussion of this field of study.

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