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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management, often referred to as an H.R. department (for human resources) is a prominent and pivotal role of a department within an organization. Human Resource management is designed to oversee the overall performance and success of their employees and most dominantly focuses on the politics and systems within their businesses necessary to do so. Many have the notion that a boss or interviewer does the hiring process of an employee, however, an important factor in this decision is the human resource development department, as they oversee not just management in their employees, but recruitment as well. The human resource management is the key to a properly functioning and successful business.

What does Human Resource Management do?:

Those working in the human resource department do a variety of things, not just the recruiting and managing of employees. In fact, they have many essential functions in their position which include but are not limited to: outsourcing to vendors, directing and coordinating functions on an administrative level, oversee the interviewing process as well as the recruitment process, managing of the retention process, and holding consultations with executives. Many human resource management workers will not only do this, but also perform essential duties such as background checks on future or aspiring employees as well as advising managers on specific and necessary policies.

What it takes:

If a person is interested in becoming a human resource employee or manager, the steps necessary to attain the requirements are listed from a variety of sources. However, generally, the requirements are as follows:

  1. A bachelor’s degree, or if seeking a manager position, in some cases, a master’s degree.

  2. A degree field which is relevant to the position, so; business administration, human resource management, etc.

  3. Some background of relevant experience may also be required, however in many cases, it is not.

Overall, a person needs to know how to speak to people and maintain a professional but approachable appearance. Sometimes, a type of certification may be helpful, useful, or necessary depending on the position one is seeking to fill.

Those who work in the human resource management field, in a 2014 study of salary, have been expressed to make just over $100,000 per year. Human resource managers need to hold or ascertain certain skills which are relevant to the job, just as they do with their credentials. Some skills to consider would be understanding technology and being computer efficient and literate with any necessary software, as well as holding interpersonal skills with the ability to provide organizational expertise. Speaking and conversational skills are also essential to the job, as it entails managing people and conversing on a daily basis.