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Writing A Good Narrative Essay About A Lesson Learned: Tips And Tricks

A narrative essay essentially tells a story to the reader, either about something from real-life, or it could be something completely made up. Essentially, you will need to use appropriate language, and the right style of writing in order to create an engaging piece of work.

For a narrative essay about a lesson learned, you will most likely be writing about and experience or an occurrence that took place through which someone was able to understand and appreciate any mistakes that they made, so as to become a better person.

Think of experiences that you have had in your life

In order to write a good essay, you may wish to think of experiences that you have had in your own life. For example, you may think of a time when something bad happened, and how you dealt with the resulting situation, and what you learned.

It may be something that happened at school, in the workplace, or in your personal life. In fact, as long as there was an experience that took place and you were able to learn a lesson from it, it may well be suitable for the paper you need to write.

Talk to your friends or family about lessons that they have learned

If you’re struggling to think of any lessons that you may have learned during your lifetime then you may wish to ask friends and family members whether they have any experiences that they would be willing to share with you.

You can then write about any lessons that they learned, as well as whether or not they have remembered any lessons that they were taught, and whether they still follow them to this day.

Be descriptive with your writing

Whatever topic you choose to write about, your language should be highly descriptive. Essentially, you are trying to paint a picture in the reader’s mind, so you will need to know about what it was that you did wrong in the first place, as well as what lesson you learned.

You may wish to give brief details as to whether or not you have repeated the thing that ultimately taught you a lesson or, alternatively, you may wish to provide details about how well you have coped since learning the lesson.

By using descriptive language, you can encourage the reader to use a vivid imagination to picture exactly what it is that you are talking about.