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4 Aspects To Consider When Writing An Argumentative Essay Outline

Writing an argumentative essay can prove to be challenging for many students. However, when you understand how to do the outline, it can prove to be easier. Here are some key aspects that you will need to consider when writing an argumentative essay.


The first sentence of the argumentative essay should act as the hook. This is merely a sentence that is able to grab the attention of the reader. The thesis is just but the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. This should be one or 2 sentences long and it should present the thesis to the reader. You should use the thesis to state the topic position and provide a reason for the stance. You can also use this part to explain in a brief way the key reasons behind the thesis.

The best way o writing the thesis is by posing a question or puzzle. This is what your essay should seek to resolve. Ensure that you keep this brief. Ensure that the opening hook offers a bridge for the thesis statement. Avoid some general statements without any unsupportable claims.


Each paragraph in the body should start with the topic sentence. This is where you announce your argument. After filling your topic with some general points and making your stance clear, you will now need to develop the argument. You will need to start by making a claim. This is a statement that you will use to support the argument. The claim should be followed by evidence. After making the claim, you will need to provide the evidence. The evidence should be made up of some factual information that has been gotten from reliable sources. This shouldn’t be anecdotal or personal knowledge.

Refute the argument of the opponent

This is where you state the views of the opponent and provide a rebuttal. Your refutations should be filled with hard evidence. After refuting the viewpoint of the opponents, you will go to the last section which is the conclusion.


There are two important goals of the conclusion:

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