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What Is A Descriptive Essay: 5 Main Features

Many types of essays are assigned to students. You can expect to go through many of these as you progress from one class to another in school. The most common are compare a contrast because they help develop logic but you will also be expected to complete papers that are entirely descriptive. You may have heard of this type but not fully understand what that means. If so, read on to get a sense of the five main features of a descriptive essay.

A descriptive essay describes

That is fairly obvious but if that was all there was to it, you would not need to read this article in the first place. For most papers of this variety, you will be instructed to use all of the adjectives and adverbs in your vocabulary to bolster your description of something. It may be a person you know, even yourself. It could be a place that you’ve lived in or would like to visit. It could be a per that you lost tragically. Just make sure that you create an image for the person reading your work.

It draws the reader in

When you use your words properly they really do create an image which can make the reader almost see what you are describing as if you were painting a picture instead of writing a story. This is something that you may not immediately know how to do but it comes with time if you are dedicated.

It rarely follows a discernible plot

If you describe something, you do not necessarily have to say what it is doing at that time or later. Your essay about a pet may go into great detail about its spots and habits without actually creating a plot for the reader to follow along with.

It does not fixate on a narrator

The essay is about the described thing or person rather than the writer who observed it. This means that the narrator, if at all present. Takes a back seat in the proceedings and lets whatever is being described have the starring role.

It is not meant to argue a specific point

Argumentative and persuasive writing may make it easy to forget that not every paper has to push forward one point or another. Your job is simply to write something descriptive and let that be that.