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Where to Get a Compare and Contrast Book and Movie Essay Example

There are a lot of similarities between reading books and watching movies, but there are also some essential differences which make people prefer movies over books and vice versa.The contrasts make comparing a book and a movie with a similar plot an excellent topic for your essay. The presence of both commonalities and differences should turn your paper into an exciting piece of writing. Firstly, it would be reasonable to get a good example of such work, though.

Getting a Good Example of a “Book vs. Movie” Essay: Where to Go?

Compare and contrast works are a popular form of assignment for students, so it’s quite possible to find good examples written by both students and educators. Try to do the following things to find them:

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What Are the Qualities of a Good Example?

When choosing an example, you should also know what qualities a good one has. Pay attention to the title firstly. It should indicate that the main purpose of the work is comparing two pieces of art – the movie and the book – and exposing their differences. Secondly, look through the content. It should stick to the topic and contain a lot of evidence in support of the author’s position.

Finally, make sure that the sources of information cited in your example are trustworthy. Online encyclopedias, for one thing, are not accepted by many teachers as valid sources and it’s better to avoid examples citing such sources on their reference lists.