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Picking Up Winning Discursive Essay Topic Ideas

If you are tasked with crafting a top notch discursive essay, you may have the opportunity to select a topic on your own. When given the chance to select an idea or topic on your own, you have the ability to select something which is of interest to you rather than merely writing about something assigned to you.

But the trouble that most students face in situations such as these is picking a winning essay topic idea. Below you will find some tips:

The key to a “winning” topic in such a situation is to select something about which you are passionate. The more engaged and interested you are in the topic the easier it will be for you to research and write about it. People who are engaged in their work and who are excited to write about a particular notion tend to earn higher grades and do better in their work overall because readers can sense that excitement. You also want to select something you already know a bit about. If you have any background knowledge on the subject that will eliminate some of the required research and save you a lot of time.