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How To Create A Discipline Definition Essay: An Effective Manual For Middle School Students

A definition essay from the name can sound like an easy thing to write. The essays demand that you write about the definition of a word to the core. Give the explanation, possible origin, uses and applications of the word. It entails writing a whole content about one single word. The writing process is even much more difficult if your audience is a group of middle school students. This is because you have to tone the language to their level and relate the explanation of the word to something they can easily relate to in their interaction. For a word such as discipline, there are some things you can look out for when describing the word in an essay. These include:


You need to describe the word discipline very well in the essay that you write. You can begin by giving the dictionary meaning of the word. You can then go on to explain the word in your own words. Furthermore, you can go ahead to give the opinion of other important people and their take on the meaning of the word. You need to put into perspective that the language should not be complex for the students.


You need to outline the origin of the word and likely most possible use of the word in that time of inception. You need to give a historical description of what the word meant at different times and how it was used during these times in history. Show how the word is adopted into the modern society too. Lastly, show how the word is adopted and fitted into the school situation. Give examples of how one uses good use of the word and how they practice its meaning in school.

Negative applications of the word

Most students at this level of education can relate better to a word if it’s given out in a negative don’t do kind of way. You need to give many examples of how someone is not in conjunction with the word. Give them examples of how an indiscipline student behaves and carries out rules in the school. You need to also give them the importance of being on the right side of the rules. Show examples of people that have lived on the right side of the rule and how their lives turned out. Make sure you leave nothing about the word out.