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Composing An Essay On Why Failure Is A Better Teacher Than Success

When you write this type of paper, you must deal with different point-of-views. There are only opinions, there are hardly any facts to deal with. The point of this kind of paper is persuading the audience that one side is better than the other. This means putting together what most students call an argument that shoots down the other side of the coin. Think of the building of the paper as a type of debate style. This will put you on the right track. This article will explain the way of composing an essay on why failure is a better teacher than success.

  1. Since we have the theme or question the next thing is to organize an outline. Putting together information in a way that makes the material understandable. If written in the correct order the flow of the paper will be a steady one. Use a discipline style of writing to receive that affect.

  2. Pick out the five best and strongest sections of information. Use these sections of information to start each of the paragraphs. These are your topic sentences. They are used to explain the reasoning that backs your opinion. Never forget that keeping the audience’s attention is important to a successful paper. To maximize the chances of doing this means strategically placing the topic sentences. Do this by taking the two strongest topic sentences and putting them at the start of the first and last paragraphs. These paragraphs are the beginning and the end of the paper. Two places where the audience’s attention should be captured the most.

  3. There should be two types of questioning that needs to be used in constructing the best paper. The first kind are questions that you feel the audience will ask. You practice answering these questions by breaking down the reasoning. This will show you are prepared and weaken the point –of-view of the other side. The second type are questions you prepare for the audience. They are set up so when audience answers them it forces them to use your side. This puts them in a position to see your side as the stronger of the two.

  4. Have a couple friends read your paper out loud. This will let you hear the mistakes in the grammar. It will also give you an idea of the flow of your work. Your final draft will be set up to grab the audience’s attention and swing them to your end of the argument.

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