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Top 10 Expository Essay Topics For College Students

The process of writing an expository essay in college is something that so many students already have some idea about. This is not something new. Having been through college for some years, there is a good chance that you will have an easier time understanding what is expected of you, as compared to a student that is just starting out in their junior years.

One of the most important things that you must know about writing an expository essay in college is the need to choose a topic that will earn you top marks. The topic you choose will almost often go so far in determining whether your reader will be interested in your work. This is why we normally encourage students to take as much time as they can when they are trying to choose the appropriate title for their work. By so doing you will have taken the first step towards making sure that you will get to ace your term paper.

To help you get an idea of what is expected of you, the following are some of the finest expository essay topics that you can write about in college:

  1. Discuss the latest statistics with respect to the eating disorders within the society that you live
  2. Discuss some of the challenges that face the use of birth control, with a special emphasis on abuse
  3. We live in a society where depression is the order of the day. Discuss the challenges that this poses, and how to rectify the situation
  4. Dietary supplements are an efficient addition to the diet, but they come with harsh warnings. Discuss some of the challenges that users of the supplements have to face
  5. Explain how students with learning disabilities can benefit from a normal learning environment
  6. Study the primary types of cancer and highlight how they are related to one another
  7. Discuss hoarding, citing the symptoms, treatments, causes and types that manifest in the society around you
  8. Discuss how small-scale measures can be taken to eventually help in alleviating poverty in and around the place that you reside
  9. Global warming is currently a challenge all over the world. Explain how the superpowers can exert their influence to cut down significantly on the harmful emissions that are allowed into the environment
  10. Explain how electroshock works as a form of therapy