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Business Ethics And Virtue Ethics

Virtual ethics is a major theory of normative ethics. The other two are consequentialism and deontological ethics. Virtue ethics are vital and crucial as they encourage individuals to develop their character and morals as the basis for a good life. Virtues lead to goodness as they are believed and considered to have been grounded on the truth in forms that are recognized and known by the soul. Business ethics, on the other hand, refers to professional principles as well as morals or even ethical problems that come up or arise in a business environment. Different philosophers have tried to explore the two subjects in a long time. Aristotle, for example, attempted to differentiate between small-scale trading, little above the subsistence level and trading for profit making. He did not seem to agree with business for profit making. He tries to explain that it is unfair that people do businesses for profit making. He even refers to such business people to be selfish parasites. He discourages the individuals who raise their prices to make supernormal profits. Well, if there is no profit making ion business? Then why would one take the risk and become an entrepreneur? Some people look at his discussion as being unrealistic. However, it is crucial that people do not raise profits too high to make supernormal profits and take advantage of the consumers. It is vital for business people to follow business ethics, incorporated with customer mindfulness.

Work Environment

Business ethics require the employers to provide an environment that is favorable for all in the workplace. Whistle blowing is also a practice that employers should embrace in the workplace to as the action is moral, according to virtual ethics. At the same time, all the employees need to relate professionally with each other as well as with the customers. At the same time, they are required to do the right things for both the organization as well as the customers.


Organizations are sometimes unwilling to think about justice issues. Some are out to go for profits even if it means exploiting the consumers. It is also almost impossible to practice virtues and ignore the set rules and regulations. Sometimes, we may want to act justly, but we are limited by organization’s rules and regulations. Notably, the incorporation of the business ethics, as well as the virtual ethics, can assist in justice for customers as well as a healthy working environment.