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Creative Argumentative Essay Topics About Police: 28 Good Suggestions To Choose From

Argumentative essays can be one of the most fun kinds to write because they allow students to cultivate their own voice and to develop their own opinions into well structured arguments. Topics such as the police can be great for this kind of essay.

Choose from these 28 topic suggestions:

  1. Why suspects should have to be found guilty in order for the police to keep asset forfeiture property

  2. Why broken window policing is an effective form of policing

  3. Why police department should put more resources into cultivating positive relationships with the community

  4. Why racial profiling is an effective form of policing

  5. Why racial profiling is an ineffective form of policing

  6. Why DUI checkpoints are a violation of due process

  7. Why police departments should or should not offer cash rewards for anonymous tips

  8. Why police department should get rid of all militarized equipment

  9. Why the militarization of police forces has made crime more serious in many cities

  10. Why combat veterans should not be allowed to serve on police forces

  11. Why rural counties should have larger police forces

  12. Why police department personnel should mirror the demographics of the community that they serve

  13. Why National Park Rangers should not be deputized police officers

  14. Why Miranda rights should be required to be recited in the suspect’s first language

  15. Why control of police forces should be nationalized

  16. Why the Department of Justice should have more control over civil rights issues with police forces

  17. Why police offers should carry guns loaded only with rubber bullets

  18. Why police departments should increase the number of officers on foot, bike, or pony patrol

  19. Why police officers should not be able to be prosecuted for shooting someone on the job

  20. Why police forces should become more militarized

  21. Why police forces must be locally controlled

  22. Why police departments should not be allowed to use auctions of seized property to fund themselves

  23. Why police speed traps are unconstitutional

  24. Why police forces should focus more on crime prevention than handing out tickets

  25. Why police dogs are ineffective at finding drugs

  26. Why volunteer police officers should not be allowed to carry guns

  27. Why national guard troops should intervene more often in clashes between police and the community

  28. Why there should be greater collaboration between police agencies