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How To Come Up With Personal Essay Topic Ideas Easily: 8 Great Guidelines

A personal essay is the type of assignment in which the writer has to explain his personal experiences and build upon them to present a comprehensive and evaluative paper to the readers. Teachers assign these papers to students to see the ability of the student to give a narrative of an experience in a chronological order and include an insight to the lessons he has learnt from this experience. This paper usually uses the first person because the writer has to explain and narrate his personal experiences to the audience. The writer must be able to provide a sequential process of events in the paper and show what he has learned from these experiences.

In order to choose a great topic for your personal paper, you need to keep the following things in mind

  1. Work with a partner who can push new ideas and work together with you to create a strong prompt for the paper. You can do this activity with a friend or classmate and come up with top three prompts. From there you can choose the one you like and he can choose the one he likes
  2. Questioning is another good way to create a good idea for such an assignment. You can prepare a list of questions related to the prompt and look for the honest answers. You can then use the answers in the list to create a good order
  3. Research for expert written papers and look at their topics. You can have an idea of the topic by seeing how expert writers choose their topic
  4. Brainstorm for fresh ideas by sitting in a quiet corner. It is important to set a goal and a clear focus for this process so that you can carry out effective brainstorming.
  5. Elimination is the process of deleting irrelevant, redundant and illogical ideas from your assignment to reduce your efforts and narrow down your choices for the topic of the essay
  6. The topic of your paper should be original and unique. Discard the first three ideas that come to your mind after looking at the prompt to make sure you have a unique topic
  7. Make sure you have enough data to relate to your topic so that you can write an effective paper
  8. Get an opinion from your teacher before starting the writing process