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Top 40 College Essay Topics Worth Researching

College essays are fun to write as long as you interested in the subject. If you have a good written communication and you choose a good niche to address in your essay, then you would definitely score well in your paper. The topic of your paper is crucial in engaging your audience and deciding your grade.

If you are to choose a strong college essay topic then you should pick something worth research. Here are some interesting prompts to follow for such a topic.

Topic ideas to consider for writing a strong college essay

  1. Winning an argument under any circumstance is important

  2. Taking decisions should involve time and planning

  3. One should stand by his decisions even if they are wrong

  4. Genesis versus evolution

  5. Bible and the science

  6. Holy Quran and the technological advancements

  7. Religion and its existence

  8. How did life start

  9. The wormhole theory- what was there before the big bang

  10. Pre historic times

  11. Dinosaurs and their era

  12. Stone age and survival

  13. Darwinism and neo Darwinism

  14. Is Marxism a failed theory

  15. Capitalism as compared to feudalism

  16. Blood revolutions and their history

  17. Beauty products containing carcinogens

  18. Suing food manufacturers for low quality materials and artificial flavors

  19. Product testing on animals- is it ethical

  20. Is abortion ethical even if it is legal

  21. Should death penalty exist at all

  22. Capital punishment must exist for some crimes

  23. Child abuse and its history

  24. Serial killers-Nature or nurture

  25. Bad parenting

  26. Single parents

  27. Only kids and leadership qualities

  28. War and its effect on the economy

  29. Art and oppression

  30. Identifying the cause for HIV spread

  31. The conspiracy theory against polio virus

  32. Steve jobs versus bill gates

  33. What it takes to be rich and famous

  34. Gratitude

  35. Knowledge is power

  36. Why animals mark their territory

  37. Characteristics common in humans and animals

  38. The laws of physics

  39. Life before wheel

  40. Ancient civilizations

These topics ideas will help you create a strong title when you research and develop your thesis statement. Most of these topics will require you to consult more than one source so that you can have a valid and authenticated stance for your assignment. Remember to choose a topic once you have enough evidence to prove it.