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A List of 25 Critical Essay Topics to Investigate

Have you ever thought about the reasons why teachers make students write critical essays? What is a critical essay in a nutshell? No matter what you investigate in your paper, the goal is always the same: to develop your ability to think critically. To write an excellent critical essay, you’ll need to learn how to read with attention, do technical analysis, write academic papers, and search for reference information. All these skills will help you conduct a scientific discussion and think more productively.

The choice of a good topic for your critical essay is very important and can influence the success of your paper. That’s why, if you are not given a list of topics that are suggested by your teacher, you need to create them on your own or look through lists of topics that are available on the Internet. For instance, below, you will find a list of critical essay topics that can be used for your own project right away or with minimal changes.

  1. Communicational problems people have with the development of technologies.
  2. The artistic value of street paintings and graffiti.
  3. The problem of homelessness in megalopolises.
  4. The growing problem of obesity found in children.
  5. The popularization of sports among children and teens.
  6. Multiculturalism in society.
  7. Shifts in gender roles.
  8. Changes in and danger of current body image standards.
  9. Problems of children in one-parent families.
  10. The process of conversion of genres within the general development of literature.
  11. Methods of expression that create a specific mood within a certain literary work.
  12. The way a particular author’s background influences their style, genre, etc.
  13. Female characters in works of male authors of the 19th century.
  14. The problem of social equity in the 19th century literary works.
  15. Techniques that make really horrible movies create the terrifying impression.
  16. Trustworthiness of movies that depict historical events.
  17. Trustworthiness of movies that depict high school life.
  18. Techniques that Hitchcock used to create the atmosphere found in his movies.
  19. The way classic comic books are interpreted in contemporary movies.
  20. Why dumb comedy movies are so popular with the audience.
  21. Strengths and flaws of a particular award-winning film.
  22. The attractiveness of remakes of old movies.
  23. The morality old movies had and new ones don’t.
  24. Principles used to film a novel.
  25. Reasons why it can be more interesting to read than to watch a movie.
  26. The problem of violence on television.
  27. Video games and behavioral disorders in teens.
  28. Uses and dangers of homeopathy.
  29. Lack of information on alternative medicine.
  30. The problem of medical and cosmetology testing on animals.