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21st Century Learning

21st century learning is the process of acquiring skills that are necessary to lead a successful life in the 21st century. Developments in science, technology, and the global culture have meant that not only do we need to redefine the goals of learning, we also have to rethink the means we employ in the process of learning.

Aims and objectives of 21st century learning

Scholars, tutors, and educators worldwide have realized that the goals of imparting and receiving education should not be limited to acquiring knowledge only. A holistic approach to the process of learning emphasizes that education should aim to groom the entire personality of the student without compromising his/her individuality. In order to accomplish this aim 21st century learning inculcates the following values and attitudes in students:

Instilling these values and the like of them in students prepares them better to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It allows the students to embrace cultural diversity, and adapt to different situations. It enables them to tolerate differences of opinion, and engage in healthy debates. They are taught to analyze and evaluate facts instead of merely knowing them, which helps them to devise innovative solutions to practical problems. Students are taught to value individuality and are encouraged to study their curriculum in their own unique way.

Means of learning

The turn of the century has not only broadened the aims and objectives of learning, it has also improved the methods of it. Educators today have a wide range of means that they can employ to ensure effective learning. The improvement of communication technology has revamped the typical image of the classroom. Students can now access learning materials from their homes. The availability of online courses has made it easier for students to manage studying alongside other activities. Interactive videos, posters, and slideshows have made learning much more interesting and easy. The presence of computer software programs has made it possible for students to apply and test their knowledge.

On the whole, 21st century learning has redirected the focus of education from shallow learning to thorough understanding. This has given the students the courage and the ability to venture deep into their chosen field of knowledge, and discover its secrets. Such an approach is bound to pave the way for creative thinkers and inventors of tomorrow that will make this world a better place.